post a day–surreal experience

“What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?”

I think (or was it real) I saw Jesus at the park on a fast once. He was wearing His typical white attire and was shown in profile looking down sadly. It was on Halloween of all days. He did not turn towards me but looked down. Because of the date of His appearing I was tempted to dismiss it as a perp prank or a demonic interaction. Why would He appear on Halloween, the big date of the devil? It had been 3 months since I had heard in my head that I had lost my Salvation.  I was already wary of Halloween coming because of increased perp activity that year.

It had already been a strange day.  I had been asked to coffee on the spur of the moment from a man who was barely an acquaintance and he could not afford to really buy me something but I took a black coffee from him which was all I would have on a fast that day and water.  He described to me his rather disgusting attraction to a sick woman he wished to have sex with.  I told him it was wrong and he told me not to preach to him.  It was after I got home I went to the park.

At seeing the image of  Jesus,I was very frightened and cried and asked Him into my heart again at that moment. I asked other Christians what they thought of the incident and they said it was probably a demonic prank. I am inclined to believe it was a false Jesus, or even a hologram, something that is possible with tech today. They did a hologram of the Prince of Wales several years ago when he was supposed to make an appearance and could not.

Part of me still thinks it was actually Jesus and that He was displeased at me. I have tried these past 2.5 years to toe the line because of this but have never been sure of reconciling with God.  This and another incident concerning the police probably led me back to the psych drugs.

I did not test the spirit as I did not know how to at that time.


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